Abrasive (adj.): 1. causing abrasion; grating; rough
2. irritating in manner or personality; causing tension or annoyance

Abrasive (n): a substance or material used for polishing, cleaning, grinding, or smoothing

Abrasive Arts was founded in Oakland, CA in 2013.  The concept for Abrasive was hatched while I was in art school in Tennessee in the early 2000s. I carefully crafted plaster "specimens" of severed fingers, pink and white plastic and aluminum casts of jaws missing teeth, bubblegum pink plastic nipple pins, among other take-it-out-of-context pieces, and ceramics embedded with rotting leaves.  I heard "this is beautiful, but abrasive" with monotonous regularity. 

After moving to Oakland, I became obsessed and irritated with the number of orange peels littered all over the sidewalks and streets. They were everywhere. I started taking pictures to collect evidence. I littered Instagram with a new set of 4 photos of these peels every day - one hundred sets of 4 peels in as many days.  My Instagram and Facebook followers found them - you guessed it - "Abrasive (adj.): 2. irritating in manner or personality; causing tension or annoyance." 

I'm sensitive to litter.  I'm sensitive to dead animals rotting away without acknowledgement. Translating the decay into permanent, glossy tiles is my way of transforming the aversive into attractive. The smooth finish.  The intense colors. The magnification and diminution. The composition of decomposition.

I also teach throwing pottery on the wheel in Oakland and have continued making my own ceramics, primarily using porcelain and white clay.

Both printed and hand glazed, welcome to Abrasive Arts